[addon] Restyle

Another script :slight_smile:

This one slightly changes the visual side of the FlyWire/Neuroglancer UI.

Install it from the link below:



and after:

The two main differences are the main tabs and the right-side panel. I’ve changed some fonts, some colors, added a little space between some elements, set all the selected fragments’ buttons to the same width, changed the look of all buttons, removed the white frame around currently active panel (2D/3D) and some other minor adjustments.

Again, it’s the first version of the script, so some problems might happen. If you see them, report them here. If you want to change the look of some elements or to restyle some other parts of the UI, let me know.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Wow quite an improvement! Maybe we should implement this sidewide :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: It’s still missing a couple of fixes (like styles of buttons after being clicked or popup windows), but I don’t mind at all, if it was implemented globally :slight_smile:

I’ll finish, what I’m working on currently, do some fixes on the Presets addon and then fix some issues with this addon (Restyle).

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Are you able to do anything about the resolution, for instance make it as a slidebar like the others and using high/ low instead of the px term?

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Good idea. I’ll look into it.

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v. 0.2
Fixed “copy segment” buttons’ colors after clicking.

Restyled the look of the popup windows:


I love this one btw it makes my FlyWire look so much better!!