[addon] Batch processor for BANC

installation link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ChrisRaven/BANC-Batch-Processor/main/Batch-processor.user.js

v. 0.2

This version of the Batch Processor is very limited in comparison with the FlyWire’s version. The reason is, here we don’t the lightbulb tool (or any other way known to me to find out, what status a cell has), neither the synapses and a tool to find synaptic partners.

So, the most important part will probably be the ability to recolour either visible, hidden or all cells at once.
The other options, that left are: open in a new tab, copy and remove. All three of them work both for only visible and only hidden cells. Doing all these operations with all cells is already built into the Neuroglancer, so I didn’t repeat them.

Slight Warning:
In FlyWire the colours were stored in localStorage, iirc. However, in BANC colours are stored in the URL, so the addresses might become quite long after more intensive usage of the tool.
In Chrome and other Chromium based browsers (e.g. Opera, Edge, Brave, etc.) the limit for the URL’s length is 2MB. One colour is saved in this form: 720575941549464319%22:%22#008080%22%2C%22 which is 41B long. That means, that we can store at most 50 000 different pairs of segId: color (we have to save around 5KB for the other inormations stored in the URL). It sounds a lot, but if we’ll color many big groups of cells, we might fast reach the limit. Recolouring the same segments doesn’t add any new entries, so we can change the colours for already coloured segments as many times as we want.
The limit shouldn’t be a big problem, but if it happens, let me know and I’ll add a functionality to clear all the stored colours, which will reset the limit.