[addon] Fragments


This simple addon keeps track of removed fragments and allows you to bring them back.
Thanks @annkri for the idea.

At the beginning you should see 10 gray squares in the Dock.
After you remove any fragment, the bar should start to fill from the right side. Each yellow square is one removed fragment. When the bar is full, the oldest segments (the ones on the left) will be removed and new ones added on the right side.
When you remove a segment, which was already on the list (i.e. you’ve removed it, than added, removed some other segments and then removed again this fragment), it will be pushed to the beginning of the list (to the right).
To bring back a fragment, just click on its square. If you hover over a square it will display its ID.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


v 0.1.1

Fixed an error in the console, which was showing after every claim of a new cell.