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This one supposed to be two separate scripts - History and Bookmarks, but since both functionalities use mostly the same features, I’ve decided to make it 2-in-1.
Thanks @AzureJay for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

After installing the addon, you should see a new option in the left panel, called “Links”.
After clicking that option, you should see a popup window with 2 empty tabs - Favourites and History.

In the Favourites you can add your own links (they are always in the shareable versions) with descriptions. You can also edit them and Delete. You can either start with an empty form (“Add” button) or prefilled with the current state link (“Add current” button).

In the History tab you can’t add anything. However, links will be added there automatically, whenever you claim or complete a cell. You can also edit them and delete.

The date (first column) will always be the date of the first entry, so when you’ll do an edit, the date will still be the same.

Entries are sorted by date from oldest to newest.

I’ve had that script almost ready for over a week, but couldn’t test the claiming, so wasn’t able to release it.

As always, suggestions, ideas, bug reports, etc. are most welcome.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

P.S. The underscores in the title are because the title has to have at least 15 characters :smiley:

Because, in some cases, it could take quite large amount of space (in terms of localStorage, single MBs, so quite small amount in terms of disk space), I’ve decided to use IndexedDB instead of localStorage. To make it easier for me, I’ve used a free, open-source project called siffr-storage.


So excited to put this to use!

How far back is History intended to store?


It’ll store all entries starting from the day, the addon is installed.
It should be able to store millions entries :slight_smile:
The IndexedDB technology has about 10% of disk available (per domain), so if each entry takes, maybe about 2KB and your hard drive has, let’s say 1TB, you’re should be able to add about 50M entries :smiley:


So, if i understand the script: say i have a link (or more) where i have 1-# cells in that i want to not lose, ie: a link with various cells as i’m farming a particular area, I can store the link so if i close the tab by mistake ive not lost it?

Question: can the link(s) update as I make changes to said link(s)? ie i add a cell (or remove) the link saved in the script can auto-update so if/when i click it it has that cell rather than the older version w/o it?

thanks in any case sounds like a very helpful script!


Yes, you can treat it as an in situ notepad to save links for later and, potentially, describe, what they contain.

The links don’t update, so you still have the same thing, you’ve added to the table.
I’ll think about possibility to make some links auto-update-able, but I see a problem here - when the link should stop updating itself? When you remove a cell, add a new one, claim new segment? After all, it might be all part of the same operation. More straightforward solution would be to add an “update” button for each row, so whenever you click the button, it’ll update the link in the given row without the need to open the Edit dialog.


update button sounds good!


v. 0.1.1

Added the aforementioned Update button.
Fixed some styling issues with the Add/Edit dialogs.


Fixed the Update button in v.

This is, what I get, when I make a thing working, introduce a fix at the last minute and don’t check, if it didn’t break anything (narrator: he did brake a thing, lol).


This is so awesome! We were hoping to add history to profiles in the short term but I think your script is more robust!


Forgot to add, but the link field isn’t mandatory and it doesn’t have to point to a FW state. So you can also use the addon for storing any other links or just notes, leaving the first field blank.


v. 0.1.2

Oryginally History tab was supposed to work that way, that if you claimed and then completed a cell, both markings (“Claimed” and “Completed”) should be added in the same row. However, it wasn’t the case - each action was generating a separate entry.
This functionality works only for last five claimed cells, e.g. if you claimed six cells and didn’t complete any of them, and the you’ve completed the first one, a new entry (containing only “Completed” marking) will be created. But if you completed the second of the six cells, it should add the “Completed” mark to already existing row.

Rows should be now updating each time you opened the Links dialog. Previously the update was being done only on refresh, so there were situations, when you have opened more than one tab, you claimed or completed a cell in one of them and wouldn’t be able to see the update in the other tabs.


It appears to have started a few days ago, but my links are no longer updating with the ‘Update’ button. I can still add links, but ‘Update’ doesn’t overwrite the link.

Might be related to the leaderboard/chat changes, perhaps?

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Thanks for the report. I’m a little tired today, but I’ll check it as soon as possible.



Fixed updating links after clicking the “Update” button.

@AzureJay the problem was there from the beginning of the script, somehow unnoticed until you found it :smiley:
The links were being updated in the data storage, but weren’t in the dialog window. One had to close and reopen the dialog to update the links. Now it should work without the need to reopen it.


Wonderful, thank you!