[addon] Susi (for dealing with misalignments)


Most of us still remember how good and helpful Susi was at dealing with all kinds of misalignments.
This new addon’s purpose is to help resolving misalignments too, so when I was thinking about its name, Susi came up first in my mind.
If you don’t like it, I’m open for changes.

How to use it?

  1. Click the “Capture” button when you’re on a slide before misalignment.
  2. Scroll past the misalignment.

Now you have two pictures side-by-side and you can compare them easier, without the need to scroll back and forth.

You can temporalily Hide and then Show the captured slide or Delete the image completely.
You can also change the image’s opacity using the slider below the buttons.
The image is transparent not only for viewing, but also for mouse and keyboard events, so you can still operate on the 3D mesh while the captured image is being displayed.
The image doesn’t stay after refresh (I didn’t want to take even more space of the already small and cramped localStorage). The only thing, that survives the refresh is the opacity setting.

The original idea was to display the semi-transparent image directly over the 2D panel, so you could scroll and move the slides to match the image. In practive, it didn’t help at all. It made things even worse, no matter the transparency. So, the current version is the next best thing, I could think of.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


A perfectly appropriate sentiment and gesture, in my opinion. Well done, KK…and awesome idea for an addon!

I wasn’t around to post to the memorial for her, in EW, so I thought I’d leave a random @susi memento here, and @ her in this post…

“Good luck for the future!”

…that’s what she said, on the card. :broken_heart: :innocent:

Cheers, all.


This is so wonderful, Krzysztof, both as a feature and as a tribute to Susi.


Thank you KK ! I was using a capture software until now. Really glade you made Susi addon :ok_hand: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


v 1.1

Added a button called “Snapshot”.
It works similar to the “Capture”, but there are 2 main differences:

  1. The screenshot of the 2D is displayed directly over the original 2D view.
  2. The screenshot is saved to the indexedDB, so it’s persistent between refreshes, sessions or closing and reopening the browser.

There was one main reason, why I made this functionality - to collect a group of cells without having displayed another group. There are some bundles that have neurites belonging to a few different types, but are intermingled inside the bundle.

For example: you want to find all LC14 cells and you already have found all LC14b cells.
Now you can do these steps:

  1. display the LC14b neurons,
  2. move the 2D to the bundle,
  3. do a snapshot,
  4. remove the LC14b cells,
  5. (optional) refresh the browser to remove the LC14b cells from memory.

The 3D view is empty, but you still have all the relatable traces in the 2D coloured. Now you only have to select all the uncoloured cells.
To make it work, remember to set the opacity slider to something around 50-60%. If the opacity is set too high, you won’t be able to see the newly added traces; if too low - you won’t see the captured traces.

This feature also helps with finding missing cells for very large groups of cells. So large, that they cause crashes of the browser. Now you can split such group to 2 parts:

  1. display around half of the group,
  2. add the missing cells in that group,
  3. do a snapshot,
  4. remove the half (copy the IDs first!),
  5. refresh the browser,
  6. add the rest of the group,
  7. find the missing cells in the other group.