Annotations Stats

Wow, tags from citizen scientists nearly doubled over the past week, going from ~1300 to 2559!

Here is a snapshot:

Cells annotated: 32022
Total annotations: 39651
Cells annotated (Eyewirers): 2504
Total annotations (Eyewirers): 2559

KrzysztofKruk: 1106
annkri: 771
AzureJay: 429
TR77: 147
Nseraf: 98
st0ck53y: 8


We built some annotations stats into Codex - here is a link to see Optic Lobe leaderboard. Please note that this is version 447 so only contains cells proofread before Aug 15. New data should be released in the next week or two!


Between 11/18 and today, there were 1,976 new annotations in FW. 1,338 of these came from Flyers.

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what is the difference betwheen labeled and classified?

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Good point, I’ve been using the terms interchangably but technically classified would be broad class like “visual projection” whereas label would include the broad class but could also be individual type or subtype