BANC - Are Flyers Welcome?

Hi all! I’ve missed you - life had a major shift for me shortly after we had the paper pre-publish and so I haven’t been around.

I saw the BANC video tonight though and wondered - are we Flyers welcome to join the project? While I don’t have as much time as I used to for proofing, I miss it and would love to hop in and contribute more.


Hi AzureJay,

Yes! Flyers are welcome to join the BANC. With the announcement in today’s FlyWire Town Hall, the BANC is officially open for Early Access.

There are some key differences with the BANC from FlyWire:

  • The BANC uses a different version of neuroglancer called Spelunker (it has some handy improvements!)
  • As mentioned in the Town Hall, the lightbulb menu is still under development
  • Synapse detection is still processing for the BANC. We use synapses to help identify/find cells to proofread, so currently there is not a precise “list” of cells to be proofread

We’re working on resources to address these aspects and will let you all know when those are available! For the moment, please feel free to make a request for BANC access by filling out the form here: FlyWire

More updates to come soon!