Citizen Science Highlights at FlyWire Town Hall

Hey all,

I’ve been asked to give a 10 minute talk at the Town Hall this Thurs. Would like to dedicate most of it to an intro to you, the amazing Eyewirers who have been tackling the optic lobes in FlyWire. It will not use full names or personally identifying information.

Initially thinking of stats on number of people and combined contributions (proofread ~62.9% of the optic lobes as of Fri / 12.5K neurons, labeled ~1,000 neurons) and also a bit like how each person invited participated in Eyewire for a number of years before being invited to join closed alpha testing of FlyWire. Since there is still no real tutorial or accuracy check, making scientists comfortable with citizen science skill is important.

I’m impressed by the optic lobe tab of the FlyWire Q&A spreadsheet - it may be the most comprehensive Drosophila optic lobe guide in the world at this point. Would it be alright if I shared this at the Town Hall? I could make a separate view-only link if the community would prefer. I think scientists would find it amazing and helpful!

Hope to share some of @Krzysztof_Kruk’s scripts - KK I will email you about this. I expect that the in-game cell labeling tool and Links ones would be popular among researchers

Lastly, I plan to mention how Emil Kind has provided answers to questions and even gave a strategy for finding DM4s to @st0ck53y, and invite any other optic lobe researchers who may want to collab with citizen science side to do so.

Maybe I will also have time to show some renders of neurons from the fly brain. We calculated the 10 longest neurons, and I made animations for the top 5, which might be fun to see.

Is there anything else you think I should talk about?



Sounds way cool! A-ok by me.

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I dont know if we’ve discovered any new cells/cell types in the lobe but if we have and you can/are allowed to maybe give an intro about them?