Collections of cells of the same type

I’m creating this thread so we can share our collections of cells of the same type.
The collections can be either completed or in progress.
The suggested format is:

name of the cell
screenshot of one representative cell
status of the collection
link to all cells found at the moment of posting
optional suggestions and warnings

Hopefully, we can help each other find all the missing cells.

I’ll start with my five:


Status: some cells missing


Status: some cells missing (work in progress on: link)


Status: many cells still missing


Status: a dozen of so missing


Status: missing unknown number of cells
warning: there are some cells similar to these, but with “horizontal” branches in different layers of the medulla


i would suggest we make a new tab in the spreadsheet for this so it is easy too lookup, and that all of us can add cells into a farm when we find a missing one (probably smart with a second smaller one for that so it goes faster to load.)

i am thinking we could add several rows for each type if needed

i am not seeing much point in adding screenshoot but would think how many cells are in the farm is important so you know how much load your computer get opening the links. And would also like too know if all cells are completed or if there are cells not completed in the farm.

i have copied the names from the cell structures sheet and made some suggestions how to set it up, but not finished


Good idea with the spreadsheet.
I suggested the screenshot, so it would be easier to identify at first glance, if the cells someone found, belong to one of the already existing groups. But if that would be a spreadsheet, then we already have the screenshots.
Also agree, that giving number of cells (and number of chunks) is a good idea. For example, my computer has trouble displaying more than 20-25k chunks. That can be from 50 really big to few thousands of really small cells.


i am thinking new tab without the pictures because it would be easier too scroll trough, and if you have too many columns or big rows it get difficult too look at


Yes. What I meant by having pictures is, that they already exist in the spreadsheet in the “examples…” tab, so new ones wouldn’t be needed anymore.

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Added some collections of unknown (at least, to me) cells to the sheet. There are some in the Distal medulla and Proximal medulla. Also created a new category - Visual Projection Neurons and added there a few groups.

Marked all the new groups as “unknown n” (where n are consecutive numbers for each of the groups of the same category) with white text on a red background. If somebody thinks, they should be marked differently, go ahead and change it.

Changed the colors of the status cells slightly to match it with the colors of the lighbulbs in FW.

Changed all “Lcn” to “LC” as the second form seems to be more popular in the literature. In the same category struck through the LC3 (Lcn3) as it seems, this one doesn’t exist. Added LC14b, LC27 and LC33.


I’ve started compiling and adding my T4/T5 cell farms for the right lobe to the sheet (T4s now done, T5s will come). There’s a lot of cells still missing in these; not sure if I just imagined tagging hundreds more or if they got lost somewhere, but I’ll be revisiting these areas and updating links every so often.


I switched all Ls to Rs and Rs to Ls in the G column in the sheet to comply with the latest e-mail from the FW.


A bit late to discover we have been working a completly different place than we tought, would have tought someone should have seen something was wrong before now. But would have to admit i have big difficulties too see if i am working in right or left lobe.

Is there any way it is possible to add a L or R label on the neuropils layers ( i know you one side have single digit and the other dubble digit but do not remember what is what) maybe add it as two different layers if it is not possible to ad letters in the name.

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The simplest thing, I could do, would be to just set one side to a different set of colours, than the other. Not sure, how helpful that would be, though.
I’ll check, if I could add the letters two (maybe something like “medulla (L)”, “medulla (R)”, “lobula (L)”, etc.). I don’t know, when I’ll be doing some programming. Currently, I’m in a mood for labelling.

I do not think different colours would be of any help, since that would run into the same problem as not remembering if right side is single or double diggit.
It is not very important but just though i should ask since the topic was already in the air.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought about the colors. Just posted this possibility, because that would be the easiest short tem solution.
I’m leaning to the programming site for the last couple of days, so I’ll probably do this and other things soon.

I’ve painted all rows, that I think, don’t exist to lightgray. I made it that way to differentiate my suspicions from the types that officially don’t exist. Also added a comment to each such line to say, which types they are probably duplicates of.