Congratulations: 10,000 neurons!

Eyewirers in FlyWire are blazing along with 10,028 neurons as of midnight on 9/27/2022. Over the past 2 years, 80,000 neurons have been proofread in total in FlyWire, which means that an astonishing 11% of unique cells were proofread by the elite citizen science community who began only in May.

8,711 or 86% the 10,000+ completed neurons are unique. That means that among the 10k, corrections were made to 1,317 cells that were previously declared complete.

Our official metric of completion is the percentage of synapses that have been assigned to proofread segments. The optic lobe is sitting at 49%. The fly connectome will be declared complete when 95% of pre-synaptic partners are assigned to proofread neurons.


pretty sure the first flywirers started in may, but still a impressive achivement


Oops you’re right. Time flies. Corrected.