Fly Brain + Neuron Renders

Hey all! Making a thread here to share a few fun renders of the fly brain! I’ll update it periodically


nice! is there an easy way to get the 3D model of the fly brain and a few (all? lol) of the currently finished neurons to make some renders for fun?

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To get the brain, click the triple dots button in the top right corner of the screen and select Toogle Brain Mesh. Might need to wait a few seconds. It will be the gray version, not the colorful one, but you can change the color and opacity to anything you want via the standard segment settings.

As for the completed cells, go to the Cell completion stats topic. Next to each user there’s a link, which shows all neurons completed in the last day or last few days (weekend). So you can gather all cells completed by a single user or select cells from all the players.

lol i want an obj file so that i can import it/them to the 3D software of my choice.

Fly Brain .obj file. This is from Janelia Farm


niiiiice thanks! Now some neurons and we can get this parteh started