Flyer "Expertise": Share your Specialty!

Since we’re starting to focus on a lot of identification, with a lot of us working on or continuing to build farms in certain areas or certain types, I thought it’d be good if we made a directory of each of our “specialties” in Flywire.

A “specialty” can be anything that you have focused your time in and feel confident about sharing that knowledge with others. It could be specific cell types, certain macrostructures, a particular neuropil, or even general topics like misalignments or finding tricky mergers.

This way, I hope that we can better connect with each other and with researchers when questions or special needs arise!

I will keep a list updated here in this first post. Please feel free to list anything you feel specialized in, and let us know if you add something new to your expertise!

Flyer Cell Specialties Other Specialities
annkri T2, T3, T4, T5, C1, C2, Tm, MI, Lai, R
AzureJay T4, T5, Tm2 Misalignments
Krzysztof_Kruk All types excluding Dm, Pm Programming (Addons, Userscripts)
Nseraf L type, T type Mergers

Great idea!

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i have mostly been working in the T-cell layer mainly T2, T3, T4, T5, and C1, C2
but have also worked a good portion with TM and MI cells (mostly not able to splitt them into specific subtypes)
Lai cells are also interesting too look at, but quite time consuming
at the moment i am trying to get some R cells


I generally work with all types of cells. I’d say my cell anti-specialty are Dms and Pms. I don’t have problems recognizing them, but finding the specific types is difficult to me. As for other specialties, that would probably be programming.


I’m very good with mergers and T and L cells, at least in fw, haven’t done much identifying yet to be sure of subtypes (L2 from L4 etc).