FlyWire "Help Wanted + Find It Later" Sheet

Hello! Do you have a question about a specific issue with your FlyWire cell, and you can’t stay logged in to FlyWire long enough to receive a response? Here’s a handy dandy sheet to both save yourself a link for later and also ask other people about the issue that caused you to pause! Remember to use the “Share” button for the link you save, not the URL in your browser.


Hi Flyers,

I made a couple of updates to the spreadsheet:

  1. After correspondence in the Q&A log, if you are unable to complete a cell, you can now label it as “Incomplete” status.

  2. Please feel free to copy that “Incomplete” entry over to the “Cannot Complete” tab where you can mark the status of why the cell cannot be completed:

  • Can’t Find Soma - the soma cannot currently be found for this cell (perhaps the soma may be found later from the “other” direction). If the soma is determined to be outside of the dataset (such as retinula (R) cells), you may still complete the cell

  • Can’t Merge - the cell has segments that cannot be merged by the AI due to a very large gap

  • Can’t Fix - cell is unable to be edited for a variety of reasons

  • Glia - cell is glia

  • Fixed! - the cell issue has been resolved and is now complete

Hope this helps! Cheers, M.