FlyWire HQ Updates

Hi folks,

Starting a thread for GMs/HQ to post updates just so we don’t have to start a new thread for each topic.

I recently added “cell fields” to the “example of different cell structures” tab on the FlyWire Q&A spreadsheet.

These fields are a compilation of all cells labeled (thus far) by players and scientists in each category. They include a link to the field, # of cells in the field, and whether there are any “scientist identified cells” in each category.

Please note that these have been organized by label and not by whether the label is correct/approved (though most cells seem correctly labeled based on a quick visual overview). Hopefully these are helpful!

Info is in columns J-L so you’ll have to scroll right a bit to see them :slight_smile:

Happy Flying!


Hi All,

We are aware that there have been some recent UI changes (including the missing copy coordinates button). One UI change is a new “purple” lightbulb color that indicates that a cell is complete, but does not have a label/identification.

We’ll provide an update soon about these changes!


It’s also impossible to re-complete an already completed cell.

Edit: When, there’s a long list of segments (e.g. hundreds), their status is constantly set to the grey lightbulb and several refreshes don’t help.

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Thank you for reporting KK!

Re: lightbulb updates I think that might be related to some backend issues that are currently being worked on.

Thank you all for your patience!

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I think, the URL might be too long, when there are too many IDs (filter_string) attached to it.

Devs are requesting a link next time this issue occurs.

Additional info - “The new system batches request which is more efficient but might take longer with more segments. Additionally, refreshing the page actually restarts the request so it does not help with the lightbulb status.”


Some notes on the recently released UI -

The primary change is a partial redesign of the UI focused on the Segment Selection section.

  • An additional lightbulb color (Purple) was added to detonate segments that are marked as complete but unlabeled.

  • The tooltip on the buttons now directly reference the color of the lightbulb.

  • The lightbulb menu itself has been redesigned to convey status information.

  • Context sensitive buttons for viewing and editing the segment status:

  • Identify: This is the Submit Cell Identification endpoint

  • Add New Identification: This is identical to the Identify button

  • Details: This links to the cell identification page.

  • Mark as Complete: This is the Mark Complete endpoint.

  • From the options menu (3 dots), a new Themes options allow you to switch between different UI themes. Nebula theme provides a darker theme that is closer in line to Eyewire.


Here’s an example link:

It contains over 1000 of mosty incompleted T4 and T5 cells (and probably some others).
In response to the identification link (the one mentioned in the previous post) I’m getting net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED in the console.

I’ve been waiting for hours with this link (doing some stuff in other browser’s tabs) and the statuses didn’t show.

Also, there’s a typo in my name at the Theme selection window (it should be Krzysztof, instead of Krzystof).


Thanks! I’ll pass on the info. Sorry about the typo I’ll try to get that updated for you

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Very minor thing with the updated UI, but the color selector for Find Path has become very tiny (it still works):


also a minor thing, but would it be possible to make the copy segment symbols a bit smaller? so there is a bit of space around them on the buttons?
Skjermbilde 2022-12-16 kl. 15.12.33

the white border around the selected cells cross is a bit bright/too visible when you are seeing a gray lightbulb, but much better with some coloured lightbulbs for contrast. so guess this will be good once you solve the lightbulb issue.

have not yet tried out the completion menu but think the rest of the changes should be quick too get used too

I agree with you about the padding issue around buttons. In the meantime you could try out the “Nebula” theme which is basically a “dark mode” which eliminates padding and changes the style of the lightbulbs. It resolved some of the visual issues for me personally.

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Thanks for reporting, I will forward this along.

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Yeah that is a bug - under the 3 dots (top R) you can select Theme → Nebula mode (it is KK’s dark mode) and the buttons look better there. Unfortunately this was deployed before it was ready for primetime.

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White background is now available natively on FlyWire - click the 3 dots menu [⋮] and select “toggle background color”


Newly launched -

Take an instant high quality screenshot (captures EM and 3D only, no menus etc).

Also located under the 3 dots menu [⋮].