FlyWire Town Hall!

Hi everyone!

You are cordially invited to the next FlyWire Town Hall, an update on the connectome and progress report from Seung and Murthy Labs. Open to everyone - topics will include recent completion of the central brain connectome and upcoming release of the whole brain connectome, new user interface and tools for the connectome, and publication plans.

Thurs November 10th at 1:30 US EST / 18:30 GMT
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Thanks to your tremendous effort the optic lobes are now 59% complete and we only have 15% of the brain to go before the connectome is complete!


Here is a snapshot from Sven overviewing the current state of FlyWire connectome: FlyWire Progress - Google Slides


If I’m reading it correctly, looks, like most of the non-proofread cells are some small-ish cells (low hundreds of synapses) located in the outer medulla, e.g. Dm’s and maybe some Mi’s. I guess, I should switch from the T’s, C’s and Y’s and do some more in that area, lol.

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i am reading it more like there are lots of small fragments laying around, think most/all complete cells are 100 + synapses


Could be. One way or another, the medulla is the least proofread so far. And the other optic lobe is even less proofread, but I guess, it’s better to finish one before starting the other.

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looking at the R cells i think they have around only 10-15 synapses each so that would give a lot of missing cells if only going for the 100+ synapses. ofc a lot of the R cells are in bigger pieces with glial having lots of synapses.