Getting Started in FlyWire

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to accept an invitation to venture into the unknown realms of FlyWire, here are some resources to get you started.

Visit and sign in. Currently a Google account is required and it should be run on Google Chrome. There is a brief tutorial targeted to researchers. Please disregard instructions to do the Self Guided Training and instead visit The Slack Forum has been replaced by

Next, check out the FlyWire 101 Blog. It contains an overview of the FlyWire Interface with descriptions of how to navigate and make edits. Don’t worry about practicing edits: by default you enter into the Sandbox, a practice dataset. No edits can hurt the official Production Dataset until you’ve been granted access.

For a detailed introduction to proofreading in FlyWire, see this video. It’s long but covers all the necessary components. Proofreading is different in FlyWire – there are no cubes, we trace entire cells with different morphology, and many cells can be completed with just a couple edits.

You are cordially invited to join a zoom session with the Eyewire Gamemasters for a live intro to FlyWire.

Available sessions:

  • Monday May 2 at 11 am US ET / 3 PM GMT
  • Tuesday May 3 at 4 pm US ET / 8 PM GMT

Please let us know which, if any, you would like to attend. If you need an additional timeslot, we can try to accommodate.

Once you’ve reviewed all the materials and feel comfortable proofreading, here is an overview of how to gain access to the Production Dataset.

Questions? Comments? Email us or post them on the Discussion Board.