Help using FlyWire tools + commands

Question or concern about the FlyWire interface? Not sure how to use certain controls, if certain features have been made available, or where something is located?

This is the place to ask your questions! Please also find the FlyWire 101, FlyWire Help! Quick Commands , and The Key Differences Between FlyWire and Eyewire blog posts as starting resources.

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Are there any way to clear everything you have in annotations, splittpoints, find paths etc with one click, when you start a new cell?

i am unable to complete my cell

have tried removing the neuron and load it again as the message suggest, but no luck

cell FlyWire

EDIT worked a few hours later

No this feature does not currently exist, though you can use the X icons to delete all points at once

If you get that error message again double clicking on your segment in 2D to remove, and then double clicking in the same location again to get the segment back might fix your problem. A black lightbulb also indicates that the segment is not in its most recent version (though I can’t see here what color the lightbulb was)

Did that several times without helping