Mi8 = Mi9 Label Update

Hi Flyers!

Just a quick update for folks that we received information from researchers that Fischbach may have defined too many subtypes of some cells. One of these is the Mi8/Mi9 cells. It has been confirmed that Mi8 and Mi9 cells in the Fischbach paper are the same cell type. Please label any Mi8 cells as Mi9 cells moving forward.

I know it’s been tough to differentiate between the two, so this news makes things just a little bit easier :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’ve already marked (a couple of months ago) almost all in the left optic lobe as Mi8 (and none as Mi9). Should I relabel all of them?

In the same vein: Mi12 are actually Lawf2 that are missing their “umbrella” in the lamina. And Y5 and Y6 are both probably Y3. TmY8 is probably TmY3.


I’m checking to see if we can get those automatically relabeled. I will let you know!

UPDATE: Yes, we’ll automatically update them. So you’re all set, you do not need to relabel :smiley:

And yes, I agree with those other label corrections!