Misalignment "Hack" Using v15 EM Alignment

Hi Flyers!

Yesterday on the FlyWire Office Hours on Twitch, I demonstrated using v15, a slightly different aligned version of the FlyWire EM dataset to help out with tracing tough misalignments.

Generally, v15 helps out with false mergers/splits caused by misalignment, no matter what the root cause is (e.g. cracks/folds, precipitation, missing slice etc). It does not improve upon areas that are already good in the current master version of FlyWire (v14.1 segmentation).

Please note when using v15:

  • Small 3D segments are filtered out - there are no 3D meshes for small segments, but they are still visibly colored in the 2D EM as a guide
  • v15 coordinates are not a perfect match to current FlyWire - due to the realignment of v15, the coordinates are slightly “shifted” from v14.1

If you have a tough misalignment, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Copy the coordinates of your segment
  2. Open up v15 and paste in your coordinates
  3. Search for similar nearby landmarks to help you locate your segment; you may have to toggle between the two tabs of v15 and v14.1 and use annotations for landmarks
  4. Find the continuation in v15 and then use that as a guide for adding the correct segments in main FlyWire

EM/2D Image loading may be a slow when scrolling in v15, so you may need to wait for each slide to load

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, let us know!