New landing page coming soon

Hi all,

As we near completion of the connectome, more researchers are using FlyWire to analyze and explore it. We created a new landing page (currently that will soon live at Current FlyWire will be accessible at and linked on the landing page (

All past FlyWire links will still work. @Krzysztof_Kruk is also ready with the FlyWire extensions.

Thanks for all your efforts toward the connectome.

We recently realized that the photoreceptors were not counted in the estimated completion due to their having <100 synapses, so it’s likely we still have a few more months before proofreading is “done,” and even when it is done, there will still be plenty to do, not least because we declared “done” to be 95% proofread.

A full 20% of all community annotations in FlyWire have come from thr Eyewire community, truly awesome. Thanks again :slight_smile:

For science!