Office Hours Question Box

HQ will be hosting weekly office hours every Thursday at 1 pm US ET (check your email for the Zoom link!). Tune in for answers to your tracing questions and demonstrations of advanced reconstruction techniques.

You can send us any questions or edits you’d like us to discuss during Office Hours via FlyWire chat, email or just simply post here in this thread! :ballot_box:


Well, I got truly stumped on this one I pulled late tonight, so I will try to make office hours - if not, please record if you review this cell or shoot me a message/email here! This started with a major glial mass merger, which I believe I correctly trimmed, but I haven’t been able to extend the branch much in either direction since. Annotations should help I hope.


@M_Sorek Great video on Twitch today, M! I wasn’t online to catch it live, but I just caught up on it, on Twitch.

Glad you’re back.



@M_Sorek Thanks for responding to the questions we had, and clarifying the cell identification procedure, on Twitch yesterday, M!