Save the Date: Connectome Celebration July 10!

Hi all! I am excited to share here first that the flagship paper has been submitted to bioRxiv (open access preprint) and also sent to journals. It will formally be published sometime in fall/winter but should be online shortly and when it is available I will share a link here.

UPDATE: preprint link

Second, you are cordially invited to a connectome celebration on Zoom, July 10 at 9 am US ET. Link available via the RSVP here. Thanks so much for the amazing effort you put into FlyWire to make this landmark whole brain connectome a reality!


UPDATE: The Connectome Celebration has been postponed to July 10 at 9AM US ET.

More info and Zoom link will be posted. Thank you!


:tada: Please join the FlyWire community on Monday, July 10 at 9 am US ET / 1 PM GMT in a virtual toast to this pivotal moment in neuroscience. We’ll round out the festivities with an awards ceremony acknowledging top FlyWire contributors. Hope to see you there!

Be sure to RSVP here for the Fly Connectome Celebration Zoom link! :partying_face: :confetti_ball: :tada: :partying_face:


will sadly not be able to join at that time, hopefully there will be a recording of it


Yes, there will be a recording! We’ll be sure to post it up here for those who are unable to attend live.