Technical difficulties

Sorry to report that we are experiencing technical difficulties with chat. It’s tied to leaderboard which as you probably noticed has also been down for a while. Unfortunately leaderboard situation requires significant engineering effort to fix but hopefully chat will be back online soon. Apologies for the inconvenience and disruption!


is there some kind of problems at the server
i am only getting error messages trying too submit completed cells

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Hi annkri,

Thanks for letting us know! Yes, there seems to be an issue with submission right now. Hopefully we can fix this soon.

Thank you,

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Submit cell for completion is fixed now. Please note that all the submissions went through even when an error was shown (if there are any duplicate submissions for a cell they will be deleted). Please let us know if you are still having issues. Thanks!

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Constantly getting this error, trying to get a cell to proofread

“Error checking out neuron from Proofreading Drive”

Help :frowning:


There is no cells in the queue and from what i understood it was not a high priority to add more too it either.

From what i understood they would like us too work more on the retinal axons
here is a starting piece if you would like too do that, FlyWire
since i am also working in that area please add any R1-6 in a farm and paste it into the spreedsheet so i can add it to the main farm.

there also looks too be a lot of Lai cells that need completing if you want to work on that, like this one FlyWire

KK also had a huge list of ID s of uncompleted cells so there should be plenty of cells to work with


Sorry, we ran out of cells in the proofreading drive! It should be working again now.


For some large cells, the Connectivity app isn’t able to download synaptic partners.

For example: 720575940640358003
When I try to get the downstream partners, I’m immediately receving the 413 HTTP code ( Content Too Large).

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Am I the only one, who doesn’t have cells’ statuses (identified, completed, etc.)?
I returns a 502 error for me. Same for the Cell Identification tool.

502 on identification endpoint for me too atm

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Ok, thanks @st0ck53y. I was playing a little bit with downloading the labeling data and I was wondering, maybe I’ve been blocked somewhere or sth like this.
Now everything seems to be back to normal.