What type of cell it is?

I’m creating this topic to help each other identifying cells.

I’ll start with this one:


It’s probably one of C neurons, but, for me, it doesn’t look even close to either C2 or C3.


Right off the bat, I’d say it looks like two C2’s merged together, with one missing it’s proximal neurite and soma…but let me go take a closer look and see what I come up with.

Also, thanks @annkri for putting together a cell identification sheet, in the FlyWire Q&A Log!


Of course, there was a merger, and, of course, I’ve missed it. :smiley: Thank you.

But still, on all the pictures of C cells, I’ve seen, the “upper” part goes in the opposite direction (to the left in this case). I guess, the pictures are just examples and in reality, the upper part can go anywhere in the lamina.


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Yeah, in my experience, those C2 and C3 arbors can merge together all over the place, and it can be challenging to find the spot of the merger. But yeah, I come up with the same thing that you show in your reply, so…it looks like we’ve got this one solved! :slight_smile:

As for the direction of the “upper” part, I’d have to go check but, I can say that the cells extending into the Lamina do a crisscross pattern, across a central axis, so…yeah…they can sometimes change directions in ways that are not typical…but let me go check on that, it may be worth noting in ann’s spreadsheet.

Also, I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all here, lol…I’ve just spent the past week doing nothing but investigating these Laminar cells, so…it’s all still very fresh in my mind. :slight_smile:


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They do the crisscross patern and I thought, the crossing is at the “upper” turn of the cell, while, in fact, it’s more in the middle of the top third of the cell, so somewhere between the top turn and the top end of the cell. I think, that’s what also mislead me.

And I think, you sound like a very humble person willing to share their knowledge, so thank you for that :slight_smile:

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In the spirit of this thread, I thought I would offer an example of a “pinched” laminar cartridge cell, from the Q&A Log. This cell shows up on row 80 of the Q&A Log (and possibly other rows, as well). Once you identify what type of cell it is, you will be able to locate the missing “pinched” extension that completes the cell. This particular laminar cartridge is a real mess, and requires familiarity with the associated cell types, in order to complete.

The first person to reply with the solution, showing ALL FIVE L CELLS of this cartridge cleaned up and reconstructed, earns the title of “Dragon Born Master of Neuro-Ninja Arts”. :dragon: :ninja:

All subsequent replies with the solution (again, showing ALL FIVE L CELLS cleaned up and reconstructed), will earn the title of “Kung Fu Apprentice of Neuro-Ninja Arts”. :martial_arts_uniform: :ninja:

I, myself, will humbly appropriate the title of “Sage of the Neuro-Mountain Temple”, for overseeing the challenge, lol. :man_mage: :mountain: :dragon: :martial_arts_uniform: :ninja:

Cheers, all. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:



This is a completely unrelated matter since I was just browsing the forums, but how do you get your brain mesh to look like that? It appears to be a higher quality one than the one available from just toggling the layer normally, and I just thought it looked very cool!



It’s just the normal brain mesh. It looks cool, when the 3D is the only visible layer and the angles and distance are just right.


Wow this is an awesome resource @annkri !

In case it’s helpful, this deck is our WIP guide to all cell types and includes links. Optic Lobe Cell Name Guide - Google Slides

Planning to get that on the blog sometime this week.


I have another cell, I have problem identifying:


I guess, it’s one of the Tm or TmY, but there are so many of them and I have no idea, how to tell them apart.
If anyone has any source describing, what are the differences between these cells, I’d be grateful.

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I’ve tried myself with this challenge. I was hoping to find a nice, clearly visible cartridge with “kelp” cells in it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way :smiley:
I have no idea, how to even start with it :smiley:

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@Krzysztof_Kruk Lol! Yeah, that particular cartridge is a real nasty mess, lol…that’s why I thought it might make a good challenge, worthy of “Neuro-Ninja” status, lol. :slight_smile:

As for the possible Tm/TmY cell you posted recently, I have no insight to offer yet, but I am working on characterizing the macrostructure as the cells traverse down into the medulla and lobula areas. But, I do have a question related to the cell you posted - Are we doing both optic lobes?


Apologies if the answer to my question has been addressed elsewhere, this is the first time the question has come up, for me.


Oh, didn’t notice, that the cell is from the other side. It’s just one of the cells, I’ve freed from a huge merger, so it wasn’t from the list from scientist, but rather random cell.


@Krzysztof_Kruk No worries, I found you a comparable cell in our optic lobe (green cell below)…just, without the double axon branches that your original cell had, which may be a clue as to what is typical morphology for these cells. :smiley:

Oh and, outstanding work on the addons, btw! Seriously! Apropos of the challenge I proposed above, I’d say that you have already more than earned the title of,

Dragon Born Master of Neuro-Ninja Weaponry”. :dragon: :ninja:

And, since @Nseraf will no doubt see this post, let me just say that he has more than earned the title of,

Dragon Born Master of the Thousand Neuro-Blossoms”. :dragon: :ninja:

(b/c he almost always has over a thousand edits in a day)

Cheers. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:



lol, thank you, I guess?

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@Nseraf Lol…yeah, that was a compliment…I just thought it sounded cool, like something out of a Bruce Lee film, lol. :upside_down_face:

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lol, it kinda does sound like a BL film!

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@Nseraf …plus, it kinda goes without saying that being “born of the dragon” is a cool thing to be, in pretty much all cultural traditions, so…again, like Bruce Lee (“Enter The Dragon”), lol.

Cheers. :upside_down_face:


Could this be an Mi 2?


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And another question:



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