You're invited to the next FlyWire Town Hall on March 30th

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to invite you to an upcoming FlyWire Town Hall on March 30th at 11 am US ET (3PM GMT). This event will feature updates on the connectome and presentation of paper figures (you are all coauthors) for the first time. We hope you can join!

RSVP for zoom link and to be reminded before the event starts:

For Science!
Amy + team FW


Hi all,

Here is a link to the recording of the FlyWire town hall. If you attended, you’ll know that we had some technical difficulties so I apologize for the keyboard sounds (it was recorded last minute on quicktime on my laptop vs natively in zoom). This video is posted unlisted as the paper is still not public, so please don’t share it outside the FlyWire community.



Thanks Amy!

As before please keep us updated on authorship and how we citizen scientists will be included with these papers.

Cheers - so exciting to see how fast this has come together!


Yes, we haven’t much discussed authorship, but I suppose submission is coming in like ~2 weeks so it’s on the table now. Will start a new thread when there is any update.