[addon] Presets

Here we go - the first script for FlyWire :slight_smile:

This one is called Presets and allows you to switch between up to 3 separate sets of settings.

The installation is as usual. You have to have the TamperMonkey addon from chrome web store installed.

Then you should click the link below. It will redirect you to the TamperMonkey installation page. Click the install button, refresh FlyWire and the script should be working.


After the installation, you should see a new link/button called “Addons” in the menu on the left:

When you press it, there should be a rectangle popup visible near the top of the page. Another click on the button will hide the popup.

Inside the popup you’ll see three buttons to load saved settings (1, 2 and 3) and three buttons to save settings for each of the main buttons.

There are also 2 small buttons in the top right corner. Here’s the description, what they do: Dock functions

My use of the script will be as following:

  1. The “original” settings.
  2. My personal settings.
  3. Settings of a person, whom link I’ll open.

So, when I’ll be working on my own cell and want something to publish, I’ll switch to (1), copy and publish link and switch back to (2).
When I’ll be looking at someone’s link, I’ll save their presets at (3), switch to my settings (2) and switch back to their settings (3) before publishing a link. Then switch back to my settings (2).
At least, that’s my plan, not sure, if I’ll be sticking to it :smiley:

You can, of course, use it whatever way you like.

Remember, that it’s the first version of the script, so some things may work incorrectly or not work at all. If you have any problems or any suggestions, what to change/add/remove from the script, let me know in this topic.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


And a quick fix was already needed. The script didn’t want to start, despite matching URLs. I’ve fixed that and now it should be ok.

Current version is now

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Fixes a problem, that when there were some tabs opened during saving and they aren’t present in the current settings, restoring old settings restored those old tabs too.

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v. 0.1.2
Only small change - the colorSeed isn’t saved anymore, so after restoring settings, the currently visible segments (the ones, without manually assigned colors) won’t change their colors.

There still may be some issues with this addon, so use at your own risk :wink: . I will monitor the code.